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bio2bWhat is creativity? Can we explain it in words? Trying to describe creativity is like attempting to describe a color. One just knows it. Paolo has known this since he was born.

As a child he was consumed by art and its expression. Growing up in the 80’s awarded him direction, a generation that embraced color and form like no other. Paolo molded his intentions, sketching everything he saw, winning several competitions and by age 17, he knew his path was one: Expression

Shortly after, as life calls for a career path, a slight transition towards the corporate and marketing design took hold and allowed him to visualize the effects of concise creative thoughts into simple logos, designs and images. Paolo then decided to fuse these worlds into one, uniting texture with dimension and simplicity.  

The digital age transformed his palette to endless possibilities, shifting from conventional natural media expressing textured dimensions in oils and acrylic, towards utilizing unlimited supplies of bytes at his disposal. This exploded into the physical digitization of media, a new approach towards expressing material physicality in the digital world.

The sudden passing of his beloved father incited an urgent trip to his home country. Once arrived, a serendipitous explosion of inspiration came to him. Rustic Mediterranean towns, Romanesque views and golden Tuscan pastures were the adequate food he so longed for. The fire to create ignited again. Here, he truly discovered the exquisite stillness of DSLR photography.

Nevertheless, the arduous endeavor of conveying a photographic image, translating this expression and revealing the essence of something is not a simple task. Paolo has the incessant ability to identify those fleeting moments that last nanoseconds, which only a master photographer with decades of experience can recognize. Only a person that is truly searching for these moments can perceive them.

Paolo continues to seek inspiration, traversing the world with fresh eyes, looking for novel techniques with the distinct direction of expressing reality in its utmost elemental form.

Making the ordinary look extraordinary, Paolo Gerard welcomes you to view the world through his eyes.

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